Thursday, September 16, 2010

Numbers Time

Alright here are some numbers from last winter. First though let me preface this with 2 things: This last winter was terribly cold and our house was much warmer than normal.

Here are a couple charts comparing our utility bills with the temperatures from the past few years.

There was not a huge monetary change in our first 2 months in October and November but December was when it was obvious how much better our utility bill was looking. Any ways the charts pretty much speak for themselves. The grand total this year was $183 not to bad. I was hoping for about $250 but I can live with that. I am hoping for a more normal winter this year so we can really compare apples to apples. At this rate it will take 2 more winters for the chimney to pay for itself but that's not to bad.


  1. wood heat is just better in every respect in my opinion. we keep the house warmer and i like it that way.

    as far as the tarps, i'll have to check with them. they had fifty of them when i contacted you last but they go fast. sizes vary wildly i usually go for the biggest of best quality i am able. small is around 12 by 20. large is about 45 by 30. i got one once that was 60 by 40.

    they are the same price what ever the size. they cut without fraying so imo bigger is better cause it makes for more tarps once i cut them to my needs.

    i really don't have an extra $40 to invest in a tarp that i don't need right now. but, if you solemnly-swear and commit to buying it i'll front the money and get you one.

    contact me and we'll arrange it. omelay(at)

  2. your email failed to deliver that you suggested i use.